This particular branch of this top National Supermarket Franchise is located in a small town, far east of Johannesburg near Mpumalanga, on what is surprisingly, a very busy main road in the town and has a fifty year history in this same location, with the present owner having had the business for the past 35 years. The store is well stocked and well maintained and does not need to be revamped. There competitors have been around for years, and there is no more room for another supermarket to open in the area. Most of their sales are cash with only 20% of their Turnover being Credit Cards. The asking price for this profitable store is R12.5m, inclusive of Stock to the value of R4m.

Please note that it is a requirement that the potential purchaser must have at least a minimum of 60% of the Purchase Price, unencumbered.

In order for me to give you more information on the business requested, please complete attached Non Disclosure Agreement with as much detail as possible, sign and return at your earliest convenience. Also please don’t forget to sign next to each ‘Shop Reference’ on the dotted lines provided above ‘prospective buyer’ on page three!

Please either scan and email, or print and fax to the appropriate address shown below. Once the document is back in my possession, I will call you to set up a meeting.